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August 21, 2011

Tom Sapp pool player billiards Demonstrates the technique Called mass. A shot in billiards made by hitting the cue ball with the cue Held Nearly Vertically, the cue ball spins around Before hitting the ball Another object ball. Wilmington nc 28412 Pool lessons, more videos and lessons available at Billiards Lessons Wilmington NC www....
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Pool Trick Shot – Mass billiard shot – Billiards Lessons Wilmington NC

July 2, 2011

Billiards Lessons Wilmington NC Helping to Promote and Educate Eastern North Carolina on cue sports 8 ball and 9 ball fine tuning basic mechanics to help new players and Experienced Improve Their Game. This video shows the hand position and follow through for short shots as well as mass table full body shots. www....
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