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How to Play Billiards: Speed ??Drills for Billiards

September 15, 2011

In billiards, the cue ball hitting from one end of the table to the Other using the speed drill IS a great way to practice Striking firm. Develop touch with regard to Striking the cue ball using tips from year Experienced pool player in this free video on billiards. Expert: Joe Nichols Contact: www....
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Pool Lessons: Advanced Draw Shot Drills – FXBilliards. com

August 11, 2011

Pool Draw Shot Drills for Advanced Players.
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Billiards: Basic Positioning Shots: Follow Shot Drills for Pool

August 7, 2011

Drills are a great way to Improve your pool game. Learn Some drills follow shot from a certified pool instruction in this free pool instruction video. Expert: Roger Long Bio: Roger Long has-been playing billiards for over 40 years, and has-beens Competing for 25 years. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels
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